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Staeck Endlers at Livefins Aquatics USA

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What is an Endler Livebearer?

'Low Tech' Aquarium Plants

Is NAJA Grass plant a floating type or does it have roots that can be planted in a gravel or sand substrate? No ferts of any type?


Lotus Blooms at Livefins Aquatics

'Low Tech' Aquarium Plants

What advice can you give me on the care of Frogbit Limnobium laevigatum?


Are the Colors of Your Champion Purple Peacock Guppy Fish Manipulated in Photoshop?


Are RREA snakeskin guppies prolific and do they eat their fry?

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European Japan Blue Doublesword Guppies


How big are these Scuds as adults? I would like to feed them to Betta fish, & don’t know much about them.