South American Cichlids

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  • Blue Angelfish
    Blue Angelfish
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    These angel fish are all aquarium raised here at our facilities. It is the wild type, silver with black lines and a blue sheen as they get older develops. It is no a common aquarium fish in the hobby. This fish is easy to care for and maintain, they will adapt to a wide range of water parameters. They do well in Ph range of 6.5 to 8 and soft and hard water. They do well in temperature of 76F to 84F. This fish is very curious, active and readily eat a variety of prepared foods. These are small is size, about dime to quarter size body. They s. prefer planted aquarium, they are not know to dig and displace aquarium plant. They are good swimmers and have a good sense of their aquarium environment. As they grow older they establish territories and learn where not to be in the aquarium. They prefer place they can feel safe and still maintain and defend their territories.

    Aquarium bred and raised

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    This is for 6 dime size Dragon Koi High Fin Veil Angelfish. Unlike most Koi Angels a percentage of these will show more intense red than orange along with deep black which really enhances the red. A unique Angelfish. I have a good friend who got stock from an Aquarist in Illinois. I believe he got the original line from Malaysia several years ago.
    I worked with Koi Angelfish about 6-7 years ago and then lost interest until I saw these which were nothing like I saw before. The have red in their fins besides the body- a real unusual Koi Angel and have extremely tall fins even for veils
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