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'Low Tech' Aquarium Plants

My Naja Grass seems to be losing color. Idk if it’s just me or it doesn’t look as healthy

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Method 1 Heat Pack Usage Installation Instructions Details

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LiveFins Artwork – Featuring Guppies, Endlers Grown Here!

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Do Malaysian Trumpet Snails eat or kill Pond Snails?

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Hi, I’m new to eFISHbay so please excuse me if I ask a question you have already answered through your ad. What days do you ship on? How soon after purchase do you mail? And, is it as simple as clicking ‘buy me now’ to purchase or is it easier for you to send me an invoice to my paypal? Thank you for your time.

Purchase Questions Shipping Live Fish Tips

Do you have standard package quantities, I’d like to combine purchase items and economize on the shipping cost?


NEW Fishart Have a look!

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What do you feed Malaysian Trumpet Snails and Red Ramshorn Snails?

Snails Tips

Ramshorn Snails and Dwarf Indian Puffers as Tankmates